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Is your manufacturing facility in compliance with FDA guidelines for cGMP?

Markovit has its products made at its nominated facility which is US FDA inspected and cGMP certified by NSF. External audits are conducted twice a year by NSF to ensure strict compliance as stipulated in 21 CFR part 111, 21 CFR part 117, 21 CFR part 11, 21 CFR part 1.5 Subpart L & 21 CFR part 1.9, Subpart O.

Raw materials used in Markovit products are sourced only from qualified vendors. All suppliers have to go through a “vendor qualification audit.” Even after they have been qualified, every batch of a raw material has to go through an intensive quality check, which tests for identity, purity and safety. All the tests are conducted by qualified lab technicians of the facility’s in-house state of the art lab.

For bulk orders, the average lead time is 10 to 12 weeks approximately. This is subject to all raw materials being available. Delays can happen in the event of one or more items that may not be in stock.

For bottled and blister packed orders, an additional two weeks will be required.
For bulk orders, the MOQ is 300,000 tablets or hard shell capsules. For softgels, it is 500,000. For bulk powders, it is 500 kilos.

The number of bottles or blister packs will depend on the count per bottle/blister pack.

HDPE bottles of various sizes.
Blister cards packed in boxes
Bulk boxes of 10 to 15 kilo per box. We can also offer bulk products in fiber drums.

We provide the following to our international customers.

  • Documentation of the product – Finished product Specification sheet, All raw
    materials certificate of analysis, Product composition sheet, Free Sale Certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce, valid GMP Certificate of manufacturing facility,
  • Sample of product in semi-finished stage in the case of tablets (uncoated). A
    maximum of 3 bottles are provided.
  • A fee is charged for the above service, which is credited to the customer against the
    first order.

Markovit has offered gummy products to some customers in Europe. The products are made at its partner facility which is also cGMP certified. The MOQ for this is 500,000 gummies. The lead time is 10 to 12 weeks.

Some selected products under the Markovit label have been marketed in USA and in some international markets. A few are still being distributed in some Asian countries.

Markovit is fully equipped to ship all orders out in the most efficient manner. We ship  domestically using reliable trucking companies and use international carriers for the delivery of the goods to our overseas customers.

In most cases, our customers nominate the freight forwarder and they organize the
movement of the goods from our warehouse to the customer’s door.

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