• All raw materials and component suppliers are vetted for quality ingredients. A Vendor Qualification Audit is done through a Q/A Form that the vendor has to fill out and submit. At times, a physical audit is done by the QA team.
    For all ingredients, unless it is a Trademarked item, there are two vendors that are qualified. The Primary vendor is the go to entity while the secondary vendor is a back up.
  • Raw materials upon arrival are placed under quarantine in a designated area. Lab technicians collect samples that are submitted for the following tests.
    Microbial analysis
    Heavy metals
    Purity, in case of standardized extracts (for herbal/plant based ingredients), vitamins,
    minerals etc.

          Only after the lab releases the ingredient can the item be moved from        quarantine to its designated shelf in the warehouse with the relevant “released for use” sticker. For each batch, a number is generated which becomes the tracking number of the batch.

  • Any batch that fails to pass the lab test is rejected and a “reject” sticker is applied.
    Purchase department is notified for the return of the batch to the vendor.
    If the same vendor has frequent rejections, that vendor is placed on hold and no further
    orders are placed with the vendor.