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Markovit LLC., a diversified nutraceutical company is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company was first registered in the state of New York in 2004 and sooner than later it started to export its products to a handful of customers in Europe and the Middle East.

The owner of the company became a one stop shop for most customers as they were able to get their queries responded to in record time. Many customers started to rely on Markovit for designing and developing their products.

Markovit was there to help them grow at a very fast pace and the all important “trust factor” was strongly established.

Backed by top quality products, an honest and up front approach and, a commitment to produce and deliver made Markovit a reliable partner of many well known international brands in Europe and Africa.

In early 2023, Markovit has moved its Corporate office from New York to Austin Texas. The manufacturing and shipping units are still in the New York area.